Shoulder Mount Stabilizer


Shoulder-Mount Stabilizer Is Under 2 lb
Supports Up to 10 lb
Foam Shoulder, Back and Chest Pads
Strap For Extra Security
Distributes Weight to Back and Chest



The Shoulder Mount Stabilizer is a lightweight stabilizer featuring 2-point stabilization using the back and chest. It has a spring-loaded, locking pivot point, and it’s easily adjustable, with high-density foam-lined shoulder and chest pads. The weight of your gear is distributed onto your back and chest, leaving your hands free. This is invaluable when working on location in large crowds, when you’re in constant motion, and to prevent your handheld camera from falling, while still providing a lightweight stable shooting platform. You’ll get smoother looking video and reduce muscle fatigue. A 1.5″ strap is provided to clip onto the unit and across the body for further safety and stability when in use. This unit weighs less than 2 lb.


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